Why Do Cross-Platform App Frameworks Famous in 2021?

The Difference Between Native and Cross-Platform App Development

Challenges in Cross-platform App Development Process

Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development

1. Maximum Exposure to the Target Audience

2. Reduced Development Cost

3. Easier Maintenance & Deployment

4. Quicker Development Process

5. Reusable Code

6. Easy Integration with Cloud

7. Faster Time-to-Market and Customization

8. Uniform Design

How to Pick the Right Mobile App Development Framework

Top 5 Cross-Platform App Frameworks

1. Xamarin: Loved by Developers, Trusted by Enterprise

2. React Native: Learn Once, Write Anywhere

3. Flutter: Beautiful Native Apps in No-Time

4. Adobe PhoneGap: Build Amazing Mobile Apps Powered by Open Web Tech

5. Ionic: Make App Creation Lightning Fast




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